Katie Camm
Hello, I’m Katie Camm! I grew up in a blue-collar town with headstrong people and beautiful sights. Although no one knew what graphic design was in my hometown, in hindsight it's obvious that I was a designer from the get-go. On every project I could, I would make it “a work of art” as my mom called it. I loved making information visually stunning, and that passion has stayed with me after all these years. 
Pandemic Fish Clipping??
During the pandemic, I lost my job. The day after that I got a new job. In the blink of an eye, I became a fish fin clipper.
In order for fishermen to tell the difference between state raised salmon and wild salmon, a fin no larger that a grain of rice has to be clipped from the back end of a baby salmon. So, from March through June of 2020, I clipped over 4,500 salmon every day. I even moved up the ranks from basic clipper to supervisor and then back down to clipper with the ability to act as a supervisor whenever the big guy needed a smoke break.
My Process
My process is varied. While I have methods that are my go-to for exploring solutions to design problems, when those are not helping me ideate, I switch gears and explore alternatives. When possible, I prefer to do research in person. Taking notes in the moment about the lived experience helps connect me to the real design challenge and allows for a lens into potential solutions.
  • Advanced Photoshop & InDesign skills
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Page and content layout
  • Print production processes
  • Web media optimization & design
  • Digital and social media asset creation
  • HTML, CSS, Webflow & Figma
  • After Effects & Adobe Premiere
  • Typography
  • Environmental design
  • Blender 3D software
  • Design thinking and product design
  • Working with vendors
  • Presenting to stakeholders
  • Project(s) management
  • Assets & templates library management
  • Creating visual designs from concept to completion
  • Ability to turn vision boards into original concepts
  • Google Workspace & Microsoft Office  
  • Providing & receiving constructive criticism
  • Time & stress management
Production Designer
Group14 Technologies
October, 2022 — Present

Freelance Graphic Designer
Previous Clients:
King of Fools Playing Card Co.
Upswell Design Studio
Advanced Inhalation Rituals

Art Department Superintendent
Kitsap County Fair & Stampede
August, 2011 — August, 2021

Graphic Designer / Program Coordinator Workforce Development & Basic Studies
Olympic College
July, 2016 — September, 2019
Seattle Central Creative Academy
A.A.S. in Graphic Design
Class of 2022

University of Washington, Tacoma
B.A. in Psychology
Class of 2016