bic 50th anniversary ad campaign

Team Project with Lee Adams
4 weeks
30 hours
BiC 4-color pens are a classic stationery staple, however, most people use them for professional, utilitarian reasons rather than self-expression. How can we encourage our customers to reimagine and explore the possibilities of the BiC four-color pen?
Recognizing people’s desire to express themselves as individuals, we fully utilized the use of color to highlight how this four-color pen can make a person stand out in a fun way in a real world application.
After surveying consumers, we discovered that people associate BiC 4 color pens as being cheap and unreliable in the year of 2021. It was most associated with elementary school gimmicks rather than a tool to be used in an office or other professional setting.
After conducting market research, the first few weeks were dedicated to sketching out ideas for the campaign, exploring ideas through rhetorical devices, visual modes of appeal, and studying the design styles of the past. The idea of how BiC pens can help a person stand out among the crowd took shape.  

The first idea explored was of the “BiC girl”, a colorful, excitable girl set in a grayscale world. However it alone did not achieve the goals for the campaign. The objective was to convince audiences that BiC 4 color pen could be fun again, not make one stand out. Moving forward a solution that blended these two ideas was the goal
After further ideation, the significance of hand written expressions was discovered. Visuals of yearbooks, name tags, and greeting cards would allow the customer to see legitimate ways this pen could make them stand out.

With vibrant, expressive drawings and words set on black and white photography, the BiC 4 color pen immediately stands out in the composition.