Card Design
3 days
10 hours
As my boyfriend's 24th birthday approached, I knew I wanted to create something special for him. Knowing his deep admiration for Keith Haring's artwork, I decided to incorporate this into his birthday card. Additionally, he has a unique Keith Haring-inspired figure that he identifies with. What kind of birthday focused design could I make that plays with the Keith Haring style?
Keith Haring's style is known for being colorful, zany, and for capturing a lot of movement. In order to capture this while also celebrating a birthday, I created several Keith Haring figures layered upon themselves, ultimately making the number 24. On the back of the card I had an assemblage showing the liveliness of the occasion, and on the inside, a specialized note to my boyfriend.
In my recent research, I explored the work of Keith Haring and collected several examples, organizing them on an art board. I also found my boyfriend's personal Keith Haring-inspired creation, adding to my exploration of this influential artist's work.
Moving forward with the creation process, I made copies of the exact keith haring figures from my artboard, recreating their exact line weight and color profiles in Illustrator. I also made my boyfriend's personal figure as well.
In Illustrator, I crafted the number 24 and outlined it. Next, I created a pattern of the Keith Haring-inspired figures layered on top of each other over a vivid teal background. These figures were then clipped to the 24 number, creating a mask effect. Following this, I strategically positioned several Keith Haring figures on top of the 24 number mask, creating the illusion that they were either emerging from or forming the number 24 due to their density. To further enhance the dynamic effect, I added motion marks inspired by Keith Haring's distinctive style.
On the back of the card, I created a lively party-like setting by arranging the Keith Haring-inspired figures. I carefully balanced the placement of the figures to ensure an even distribution and avoid too many duplicates. Additionally, I placed my boyfriend's Keith Haring-inspired figure in the center to add a personal touch to the composition.
For the interior of the card, I incorporated my boyfriend's personal Keith Haring-inspired figure, surrounded by personalized copy. The choice of green for the composition was deliberate, as it happens to be my love's favorite color. To ensure a high-quality finish, I had it printed on 80lb matte cardstock, creating a tactile and visually appealing result.
The "Aha!" moment occurred when I added the motion marks. Prior to that, the composition felt somewhat stiff. However, once I started incorporating the motion marks, everything clicked into place, and the design came to life with energy and movement.